Brookberry Labrador Retrievers

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  Am/Can CH Rockycreek's Perfect Thyming "Brooke"

Am/Can CH Aquarius Centercourt Delight x Rockycreek's Knight Thyme

                                                               8/2/2000 - 2/20/2016
Brooke is our first American champion.  She was bred by and is co-owned with Kathy Mines, Rockycreek Labradors.  She has multiple BOBs and went BOS at Westminster in 2003.  Brooke has so much personality, I absolutely adore her and am so thankful to have her!  Being a true Labrador she will do ANYTHING for food!

Brooke's OFA Page

Am/Can CH Brookberry's Charming Addition "Gwen"

Am/Can CH Beechcroft's Perfect Charmer x Riverdance Brookberry Alexus
                                                                      3/5/2002 - 2/16/2013
Gwen was an amazing girl, truly a person in a dog body!  Surely one of the smartest dogs I've even known.  Sadly we lost her a couple weeks shy of her 11th birthday due to a very aggressive cancer.  I miss her terribly every day....

Gwen's OFA Page

           Can CH Brookberry's Magical Storm "Maggie"
Am/Can CH Blackwatch Venetian Mystick x Can CH Rocky Creek Brookberry Storm
                                                                      10/19/2002 - 4/29/18
Maggie is a sweetheart, intelligent, kind and a bit of an imp.  She makes some of the funniest faces when she thinks she's done something wrong!  Maggie is a littermate to Paige & TJ, their pictures are on my home page.

Maggie's OFA Page

Maggie x James puppies

 Can CH CedarCreek Brookberry Mahogany Storm "Jillian"

Am/Can CH Brookberry's Storm Trooper RN x Am/Can CH Cedar Creek's Kanani Mohala

                                                4/18/2006 - 10/8/2021 
Jillian is our lovely TJ daughter, she has her Canadian championship and finished up her show career with 9 points in the US, including a BOB over specials and a Group 2.  She is a very funny girl and a superb athelete! She's also the reason all runs must be clipped as she will let everyone out to play!

Jill's OFA Page

Jill x James puppies

Geoffrey Allen (Allenie Labs - England)

"This bitches movement was one of the truest and correct on the day. Feminine head, not too broad and good length of muzzle, ear set and nice kind eye. Pleasing in body, level topline and well placed tail."

       Can CH Brookberry's Storm Story "Paige"
Am/Can CH Blackwatch Venetian Mystick x Can CH Rocky Creek Brookberry Storm
                                              10/19/2002 - 7/13/2017
Paige has her Canadian Championship, but doesn't like to show,  she's sweet as pie and is a litter sister to TJ and Maggie.

Paige's OFA Page

 Pandemonium Brookberry Leap of Faith - "Faith"

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Brookberry's Pandora's Box - "Panda"

Panda's OFA Page

Brookberry's Perfect Addition - "Brynne"

Brynne's OFA Page